About Uganda

Uganda, rightly described as the Pearl of Africa by Sir Winston Churchhill is a landlocked East African country that covers an area of 238,461 sq km, about the same size as Great Britain.


Uganda is blessed with a variety of luxuriant tropical habitat and a wealth of  wildlife. This ranges from the snow capped Mountains of the Moon, the  impressive Rift valley, the big lakes (you can call them inland Oceans) to rolling savannahs, rainforests and swamps among others.


All this plus over 1070 bird species and over 300 mammal species in the least  spoiled National Parks the continent can offer, make Uganda one of the most  sought after holiday destinations. Contact us and we will put it together for you.

About Rwanda

The land of a thousand hills indeed. Rwanda is blessed with tens of endless rolling hills. Rwanda was Diana Fossey's adopted home and the rare Mountain Gorillas.


Despite all that Rwanda went through, the Mountain Gorillas are still flourishing in the virunga moutains, as are the Oryex or the Akagera National Park and the primates of Nyungwe National Park. Rwanda is also one of Africa's top birding distinations. Rwanda has over 670 bird species and the Albertine Rift Endemics are easily seen here.

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